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Nigerian Customs; Deliberate wickedness or lack of innovations. 

Hello, you might have stumbled on this post after searching online for information about Cotonou cars or Custom duties and all, but those following on twitter will have an idea what i tweet about occasionally apart from cars available for sale. How to maintain your car, how to stay safe and things to do or … Continue reading

Before you buy that expensive engine oil

Good morning guyz, this week has been somehow for me and I’m not enjoying it at all. Ikeja Electric is playing with our light more than Arsenal Fc has been playing with their fans, water corporation decided to join them and turn it off completely like Chelsea’s hope of qualifying for the Champions League. We … Continue reading

Stop frying your dashboard.

Hello guyz, it’s so sad that i had something to talk about but i forgot because i didn’t start writing immediately. I slept over it now I’m blank. I’m also thinking its because i watched Arsenal lose to a shit United side, so I’m going to blog about the first thing that comes to mind … Continue reading

Cotonou Cars: Things you don’t know.

Hello, I’m right here in Accra to unwind for 2 weeks after the hustle and bustle of my city, Lagos. I was almost going crazy so decided to leave for somewhere quiet and sane. So I’ve been blogging since I got here. ☺ Peace of mind I presume. After my yesterday’s post, it came to … Continue reading

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish.

My name is Adesoji Minkail Odumosu. I’m an Automobile dealer in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. I do not enjoy blogging for any reason,  even if it pays like it did Linda so you know I’m going out of my way to do this. In the year 2002, August to be precise, my dad got himself a … Continue reading


Break up with your partner if he or she is fat.  If you have fat friends, make sure you are going out in their car not the other way around. With the increase in price of PMS, pples been wondering how to save fuel. Nigerians always see opportunity in every situation which means some pple … Continue reading

Choosing your car.

Before going to the car lot all you know is you need a car and you wanna buy 1. Then you decided to speak to a mechanic and now you think you need a Toyota car. Then after reading my previous post, you want any kinda Japanese or German car. There is more to choosing … Continue reading

Love is Blind. Will she ever find me?

I Minkail Adesoji is not, and has never been a blogger nor a Mass Communication graduate. So ignore my writing short comings and feel my story/experience (although English language was general, at least 100l). For those who are in a similar situation, feel free to empathize with me. Dear broken hearted girls, hold your head … Continue reading